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სახატავი პლანშეტი: Green Laser Pointer Pen JD-851 532


Power:high power
Light visibility: 1500m / 4921.3ft  
Start time: <3 seconds  
Rechargeable battery:1 x 16340 lithium battery  
Battery capacity: 600mA  
Working time: 30minutes-1hour  
Material: Aluminum alloy  
Laser color: Green  
Wavelength: 532nm  
Color: Black  
Item size: 12.0 * 2.1cm / 4.7 * 0.8in (H * D)  
Item weight: 64.0g / 2.3oz   

JD-851 Starry Green Laser pointer  
16340 lithium battery

ფასი: 110 ლარი

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