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ტელეფონის კონვეტორის მოდელი: AK03

Product Speifications

1. 2 IN 1 Design: With 3 Gear adjustable Cooler, and it can be used separately from the Joystick, supports several approaches.
2. Simple Operation: Using the mobile controller, you can use your index finger to press the button to move, rotate, aim and shoot at the same time, thereby eliminating the trouble of performing all operations with your thumb.
3. Improve Gaming Experience: The cooler is with RGB Lightning, improve your gaming experience to help you become an expert in gaming.
4. Long Battery Life: Low power consumption, long endurance.


Model AK03
Built-in battery
Cooler: 400mAh
Trigger: 50mAh
Maximum supported thickness 11m
Maximum supported width 67-88mm
Charging Voltage 3.7V

Package Included

1*AK03 2 in 1 Gaming Controller
1* Micro Carging Cable
1* Manual
ფასი: 120 ლარი

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