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კლავიატურის მოდელი: Sades K8

Keyboard setting:

7 switchable backlight colors,two modes
Different LED brightness levels
Adjustable brightness rates, LED lights
104 standard keys
19 non-conflict keys(Q,A,Z,W,S,X,E,D,C,B,space,up,down,left, right,tab,art,ctrl,shift)
WIN keys can be disabled when gaming ;
laser engraved keycaps
keyboard automatically turn off all the lights after computer shutdown
Support keyboard into dormancy when not in use with 10 minutes, press any key to wake
Technical specifications

Connector: USB
Cable: Fiber braided cabling
Keyboard Type: Gaming
1. FN+F1 Rate of repeat stroke= 21 letters/second,Delay:800MS.(Mode1)
2. FN+F2 Rate of repeat stroke=30 letters/second,Delay:600MS (Mode2)
3. FN+F3 Rate of repeat stroke=62 letters/second,Delay:400MS (Mode3)
4. FN+F4 Mute Position
5. FN+F5 Mutli media Player
6. FN+F6 Play & Pause
7. FN+F7 Volume-
8. FN+F8 Volume+
9. FN+F9 Open website
10. FN+F10 Open E-mail
11. FN+F11 Key Lock ( Lock all Keys)
12. FN+F12 Win Lock (The WIN key can be locked when one plays games in case of contingency interrupt)
13. FN+ESC to adjust the light brightness(off-weak-strong-flicker, default setting is flicker)
14. FN+Tab To shit the color of backlighting(This function works under multi color of backlighting ).
15. FN+W/A/S/D support the interchange between W S A D and ↑↓←→

Linux, Win xp, Win 2000, Win vista, Win7, Win8,Android
7 colors backlight,two modes, brightness can be adjusted;
13 Fn composite keys, multimedia playback, and gaming control is more convenient;
USB plug;supports Multi-language and sound volume wheel
For window98, xp / me / vistar / win7 / win10, android, Linux and Apple operating systems
Package include:
1 * SADES Blademail Black Keyboard (With Sades Retail Gift Box)

ფასი:  250 ლარი

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