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ტელეფონის კონვეტორის მოდელი: Mix Pro

Product Speifications

1. Fast charge interface, max support output 5V/2000mA, USB2.0 interface high output safety power.
2. Ergonomic design, the appearance is simple and stylish.
3. Multiple angles - can be used for various different places.
4. Full compatibility - free connection with various kinds of keyboards and mouses.
5. No delay - fast&stable bluetooth 4.0 connection.


Model:  G-MIX
Applicable system: Android, iOS
Bluetooth: 4.0
Power Supply: 4.8-5.2V
Size: about 6.8*4*1.3cm/2.68*1.57*0.51in

Package List:
1 * G-MIX converter BattleDock
1 * Data Cable
1 * Holder

1. Connect the power supply
2. Turn on Bluetooth.
3. Use the phone to search for the Bluetooth name MIX, then connect it.
4. connect to the mouse and keyboard.
ფასი: 115 ლარი

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