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მაუსის მოდელი: Logitech G403

10g optional weight.         
User documentation.         
Technical Specifications     
tracking Resolution: 200 – 12,000 dpi.         
Max. acceleration: >40G**         
Max. speed: > 400 IPS5         
USB data format: 16 bits/axis.         
USB report rate: 1000 Hz (1ms).         
Microprocessor: 32-bit ARM.         
Buttons durability (Left / Right): 20 million clicks.         
Feet durability: 250 kilometers.         
Glide—dynamic coefficient of friction***: 0.1 μ (k).         
Glide—static coefficient of friction**: 0.15 μ (s).         
ფასი: 360 ლარი

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