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კლავიატურის მოდელი: Ghost A1 PEWDIEPIE Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Ghost has collaborated with PewDiePie to give you the most epic keyboard  on the market. Whether you’re a floor gang member or serious epic  gamer, elevate your gaming with the new PewDiePie Keyboard. The  PewDiePie A1 keyboard is our flagship model, for those who demand only  the best. We start with a solid block of cast aluminum, carved on a CNC  machine. Add on our premium MX Cherry switches, Doubleshot PBT Keycaps,  Pre-lubed stabilizers, Bluetooth Wireless 5.0, 2000 mAmp battery,  Textured WASD and you start to understand why Ghost keyboards are the  best value on the market. Now you can get an ultra-premium keyboard  without the ultra-premium price. The PewDiePie keyboard is only worthy  of big pp gamers.
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