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ნაკრების მოდელი: Defender Anger MKP-019

3-in-1 gaming combo: mouse, keyboard and mouse pad
4 mouse resolution modes 800/1200/1600/2400 dpi
Defender Game Center software
Macros editor
Built-in macros editor allows to store and edit the  list of 52 successive commands with the optional cycling.                 
Keyboard buttons emulation
The funciton of any keyboard button can be assigned to any mouse button.                 
5 customizable buttons
2 thumb buttons
2 customizable thumb buttons allow to adjust mouse  for its user's needs. Textured surface of the upper button decreases the  risk of accidential «blind» hit.                 
Different-color backlight
Durable and pleasant to the touch rubberized coating
Wide rubberized backlit scroll wheel of 8 mm width
High durability cord
Gold-plated USB connector
Gold-plated surface ensures better connection, smaller resistance and smaller oxidability.                 
Ferrite noise filter
Size 280х230x3 mm
Smooth surfaces
Accurate cursor positioning and optimal friction factor.                 
Non-slip rubber base
Reliable fixation on any surface.                 
3 mm optimal mouse pad thickness
Excellent noise attenuation when putting the mouse down and smoothing table roughness.                 
Rainbow backlight
Turns on and off with the Scroll Lock key
Option to turn the backlight off
Shockproof design
Textured wrist rest
Classic layout
Enlarged size of modifier keys (Ctrl, Shift), Enter and Backspace keys
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